Oh, America (Your Love Is True)

peter j stein

With textures and layers of both real and digital instruments, "oh, america (your love is true)" takes one into a realm of an ambiguous but loving relationship between an artist and a country, whose freedom of expression one too often takes for granted.

"oh, america (your love is true)" is a ballad woven from many disparate strands of experience and fantasy, which somehow find their way towards a unifying chant, the content of which is less important than the feelings conveyed by the procession of repetitive harmonies, and their uniting crescendo. Perhaps such a description serves as a metaphor that mirrors the diversity of minds and backgrounds of millions of individuals who inhabit this continent, and the wider world. Does America have a transcendent calling, to help unite humanity, to serve as a model for others, and to raise our ethical standards above individual greed? Do each of us play an important role in the unfolding of life, somehow making our presence and potential known to the world, in our attempts to impact others in a positive way? Music asks and answers these questions, in ways that prose can only suggest...

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