Like a Loving Mother (She Showed Me the Bow)

Peter J Stein

these songs reflect an acoustic folkrock style, sometimes with harmonica, with a classic flair for strings, piano, and organ

Within the past 2 months, 5 tunes have actualized, starting with 'let time try to find me', then 'like a hearth, your love will keep burning', followed by 'time to hit the road, and 'the appeal'. With the most recent trigger, a call from an elementary school friend known 55 years ago, another song emerged, dedicated to the grace and beauty of a music teacher , from 1956. 'like a loving mother (she showed me the bow)' allowed me again to play off of 2 acoustic tracks using a steel six string, also blending piano and strings, for a song dedicated to to one woman's uncanny abilities to reach and teach young children the most delicate of instruments: the violin, viola, cello, and bass. She showed me the bow.

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