Like a Hearth Your Love Will Keep Burning

Peter J Stein

this song came to me over many months, with obvious influences from bonnie raitt, bob dylan lackson browne, neil young, and andre segovia

This song emerged in response to many different personal influences, from the distant past, recent past, and the present, including the significant destruction and disruption of tens of thousands of lives on the southern coast of Long Island, following Hurricane Sandy. The specific mechanics involved in creating this song may be deemed interesting by some. The tracks were recorded within a 12 hour period, using an acoustic nylon-string guitar; a Gretsch, White Falcon hollow body; as well as a midi keyboard for the remaining instrumentation. The vocals were through an Apogee One, because of its simplicity and accessibility, and my not wanting to set up my more costly ROAD. Thus, the tune is a consequence of a strict time restraint, combined with my belief that a first take is usually the best. Too much tinkering with a tune often ruins a spontaneity that can never be duplicated, but there is the price paid of many imperfections. Like a hearth, your love will keep burning.

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