Flying To the Sun - Single

Peter J Stein

This song is a nine minute epic ballad, that describes one man passing through time.

Once upon a time, after the Earth cooled, but prior to the habitation of other planets, a boy was born, who began to imitate Elvis during the 1950's. Then the Beatles arrived at Kennedy Airport, and the young man began to imitate Bob Dylan, Donovan, Paul Simon, James Taylor, and Jackson Browne. During this era of 1960's artistic exploration and liberation, the young artist wrote "Rebecca", a tune finally published on CDBABY in 2009. Now, after a dozen originals, the artist has written and recorded "Flying To The Sun", with the help of drummer Gerry Gagliano, and bassist/keyboardist Greg Gibaldi. The song, written initially as a 3 minute ballad, expanded into a 9 minute narrative, during the long and harsh New York City winter of 2010, describing some of the frustrations, disappointments, missed opportunities, and insights, that have transpired during this dream, that we affectionately call Life.

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