From the recording Flying To The Sun 4

It was a long winter, in year 2010, and studio time was cancelled repeatedly due to snow storms, wind storms, floods, tectonic plate restlessness, and sun spots.  I initially wrote 6 verses for this song, but, because there was so much empty time before Mike Eusanio could comfortably re-open his studio and resume recording, I rewrote and re-edited the song 57 times, the final version having 19 verses, the total playing time over 9&1/2 minutes! There are still 15-20 verses scattered around my office, covering the rise and fall of Mesopotamia, the history of 20th century Expressionism, and a narrative of the early life of Immanuel Kant, but that will have to wait until the next song......pjstein


They are somewhere around here.......