From the recording images that carved in stone2


Published on Jul 15, 2014

images carved in stonepeter j stein, 2014v. 1i sifted through the wreckage of time,could not decide what relics were mine,my mind is cluttered with images, carved in stone.v. 2the winds of change erase all the years, cascading down - it all disappears,on my window sill, there is the question still of what really remains.v. 3we met in the city, in little Italy,stunned to learn as she spoke so bitterly,of what happened to her, since we had last met.v. 4she confessed that her marriage had died, their love had withered since he had injured her pride,he had lied to her, and would not compromise, and now he’s gone.(INSTRUMENTAL - 8 measures))v. 5she felt like a stranger within her own home, no voice of her own, (and now she’s alone),she was trapped inside of herself, with no one to turn to.v. 6when summer ends as the air blows cool, the Fall winds whisper that the kids are in school,the winter arrives, the plants can’t survive in the cold.v. 7the ice melts away and it’s early spring, the flowers sing of what summer may bring,the warm air rushes in, and the circle of life begins again.INSTRUMENTAL - (MAIN)v. 8with the passage of years the truth becomes frozen,like the deadness of Winter, adrift on the ocean,but now so alive, and ready to dive into love again.v. 9no one can hinder the hands of time,as they march in step on the face of a clock,as your hands touch mine, you are my rock, and together we climb.v. 10too often i wonder at 3 ambefore the light dawns, i am here with my pen,i need you beside me in order to guide me through.v. 11the passage of time may be an illusion,wine…satin…confusion, like a drunken clown,you’re breaking down my reality.v.12you were starving for love, your tickets were stolendejected and broke, your ankles were swollen, with your ear to the ground, straining to hear from the lost and found.v. 13a voice from the past, a prayer for the future,maybe vishnu or freud, or ginsberg, or buddha,but it’s nothing more, than the echo of your, choices you’ve made.v.14the sins of time wipe out all traces,of those left behind, cannot see their faces,they vanish inside the darkness of night, like a shooting star.v.15i sifted through the wreckage of time, could not decide what relics were mine,my mind is cluttered with images, that are carved in stone.(repeat last line and fade)