Stein recently had this rare opportunity to perform one of his tunes in a small club, on a distant planet in one of the closer star clusters known as Pleiades, where the alien life forms there, with many sentient beings as much as 1.2 billion years of age, are quite taken with early Homo Sapien creativity.


Before I leave this unknown place,
To where the blessed angels sing,
From there I shall never return,
For magic sleep beckons me,
To Rebecca I bring this flower,
For she has not forgotten me,
Before I leave this unknown face,
To where the morning star does glow,
I will fill the air with praise,
Behold a giant star does blaze,
To Rebecca beloved of the sun's rays,
You shall be loved all your days,
Life is more than living now,
It's loving now that keeps me younger,
My soul is torn my heart is broken,
But you stay strengthened with your hunger,
Like the white-winged Pegasus above heaven,
Ah, Rebecca, stay young forever...